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Weekly Reports

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Receive weekly reports with detailed charts and explanations on each stock chosen by our stock market technicians. Reports are easy to read and able to be downloaded to all devices.

Weekly Group Calls

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Listen to our Stock Market technician explain in a weekly call his stock picks for that week. When to get in and when to get out for the most profit taken off the table.

Smart Phone Application

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Never miss another break out or alert. Free to all subscribers of our smart money service is our comprehensive smart phone applications. You can read your reports, get stock alerts and more!

Smart money prime is a unique stock market pick service that gives any trader the insight necessary to find the right stocks to trade for the highest returns possible. With smart money prime you will receive daily updates of stocks that our expert traders are trading. These updates will be sent to you through email and told to you through your weekly webinar. Smart money prime is a service that follows the moves of the big institutions and where their money is going. By using our smart money prime service you will gain access to the stocks that big money institutions are putting their money into and you will be able to profit directly from their own moves.

Through knowing where the institutions are putting their money or removing their money you can buy and short stocks effectively.

We do all the work for you whittling down over 9,000 stocks down to just a couple each week that the big institutions are pouring their money into. The stocks that have the best chance of exploding upward. You see we don't just blindly buy a stock simply because big institutions are buying it. Big institutional volume is just a starting point. A critical but very important first step. After we identify a stock that the big institutions are buying we run an incredibly detailed fundamental and technical overview on the company and the stocks in question.

Only a big flood of buying pressure can cause such an imbalance in buy/sell orders that allow stock prices to explode to the upside. And a big flood of buying pressure can only originate from one place: Big Institutions. And that service is smart money prime. Smart money prime has continued to help lots of people make money in the stock market, why not you?

There are four things that smart money prime is able to do that no other stock picking service can do. Our service is the only pick service that will show you what the institutions are trading. Most trading companies pay thousands of dollars to gain access to this formula. Find out the trends forming and then get in on the stocks that they are pouring their money into for the biggest returns.

This is the only stock picking service that keeps professional records of institutional stock trading based on their own formulas. Both of which have been developed by professional traders Christian Tharp and Adam Mesh.

There is no other service around that is able to identify the institutions large moves in the market still giving you time to act. It's clear that the big boys run the show, but smart money prime will give you a fair chance to trade stocks before the profits completely disappear.

Finally, this is the only service out there lead by a stock market insider who has created a screening system that will evaluate over 9000 stocks. Then he will narrow it down to just 4-6 trades that institutions are putting their money into.